About Us

Optimize Workplace Operations with WIPELOT

Wipelot Technology, is an R&D, Design and Manufacturing technology company experienced on real time person and equipment location tracking. Founded in 2005, Wipelot Technology operates in worldwide with its subsidiaries. It has successfully carried out various projects and created products in the field of Industry 4.0, IOT, RFID, mobile technologies and communication technologies and has developed a broad solution family with WIPELOT© brand.

Advantages of WIPELOT

All solutions of Wipelot, including infrastructure or non-infrastructure, increases occupational safety and traceability in industrial workplaces. Wipelot solutions also maximize operational efficiency with minimum financial investment with its easy installation and user friendly features and availability of 24/7 technical support .

Ensure workplace
safety and efficiency.

Informs personnel locations in real time for accident reduction.

Avoids labor force instrusion, workplace damages and time loss.

Enables worker tracking in case of an emergancy.

Monitors environmental stimuli such as humidity, temperature and gas.

Collects personnel and equipment usage data for optimizing performance.



With our experienced engineer crew, we are working on new functional product designs and prototype-pilot productions according to requests coming from our customers and based on to our company targets. Mechanical design, circuit design, embedded firmware, and interface software developments are continued by our indoor R&D department. The most highlighting feature of our company is our research and development studies to get efficiency and speed in our business processes and to integrate with new technologies. To increase our brand awareness in the market, participating in technology subvention programs and we are applying for patents of our innovative designs.

Planning & Manufacture

We are always improving our Planning & Manufacturing processes to make high-quality solutions on time for our valued customers among Turkey's and the world's leading companies. Keeping our promises is important for us, therefore we make analysis of potential risks, create alternative solutions, manage time and resources.

Support & Maintenance

We do not lose contact after integrating new technologies into your business. Just like automobiles, all electronic systems require maintenance and support to continue to operate accurately. We are always here to serve you with annual maintenance and support requests.

At Wipelot, Innovation Comes First

Wipelot Technology is a high-tech company specializing in technologies for real-time monitoring of people, equipment, and environments, regardless of the industry. It is capable of carrying out R & D design and production activities using entirely local resources.

How are we a trendsetter in innovation, R&D, and design best practices?

  • With our team of distinguished engineers, we create new, functional product designs and execute prototype-pilot production schemes aligned with our company goals and the requirements of our customers.
  • Using entirely local resources, our R&D team constantly works on developing mechanical design, circuit design, embedded software, and front-end software solutions.
  • The company sets itself apart from the competition through research and development efforts to augment the efficiency, effectiveness, and speed of our products and work processes, making it a standout star in the region.
  • We keep building on our brand visibility through our grants for technology programs and patent applications.

Wipelot Technology was awarded the Design Center certificate, becoming the 48th Design Center in Turkey. We are proud and happy to be shaping the future for our valued customers around the world with our innovative, high-tech, IoT projects and products. We would like to extend our thanks to the Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology for its support of technology ventures engaged in research and development, design and production.

Our History


2023 - RFID Journal

Best Manufacturing RFID/IoT Implementation - 2nd Prize

2022 - 2021


Innovation Results - Winner

2022 - IoT World Awards

End to end OSH& Efficiency Measurement in the Port area - Winner

IoT Innovator Awards

Port Area Automation - winner

2022 - RFID Journal

Best RFID Implementation in Manufacturing (Automotive)- 2nd Prize

2022 - RFID Journal

Best RFID Implementation in Logistics / Supply Chain (Logistics) - 2nd Prize


One of Turkey's fastest growing 50 technology companies

2021 – TOBB 100

Turkey’s 100 Fastest - Growing Company

2021 – IoT WORLD

Shortlisted for IoT Deployment of The Year Awards

2021 – RFID Journal

Best RFID Application in Other Industry Winner (Mining)

2020 - 2019


Wipelot is one of the 6 companies considered worldwide in IoT-based social distance solutions


FIRA Consortium - UWB Alliance – OMLOX


3rd. Innovation Results


Winning Innovation Award (Construction Site Monitoring)

2019 – RFID Journal

Best RFID Application Award

2018 - 2015

2018 - TIM InovaLIG

3rd. Innovation Results

2017 - Eczacıbaşı

Transformation Innovation Award (Mining)

2017 - Eczacıbaşı

Jury’s Special Award (Mining)

2017 - Eczacıbaşı

Sustainable Innovation Award (Mining)

2017 - TIM InovaLIG

8th. Innovation Results

2017 - IDC

Best Innovation Project of the Year in Türkiye 2017 (Mining Signalization)

2016 - TIM InovaLIG

5th. Innovation Results

2016 - TOBB 100

60th. Turkey’s Fastest Growing Company

2016 - IDC

Best Industry 4.0 Application for Production Award (Smart Mining)

2015 - RFID Journal

Best Industrial IOT Application Winner (Aviation)

2015 - First Underground High Precision

First Underground High Precision Personnel & Equipment Tracking in Turkey


First Underground High Precision Personnel & Equipment Tracking in Turkey

2014 - 2005


First High Precision Vehicle Collision Avoidance System in Turkey


First Aviation IoT Application in Turkey


First Smart Occupational Safety System in Turkey


First Indoor Geolocation Software Engine in Turkey