Environmental Policy

In the scope of “Hardware Design and Manufacturing Services for Indoor - Outdoor Locating Systems, Personnel Occupational Safety Tracking Systems, Ambient Meter Reading (Humidity, Gas, Light) RFID Systems and System Software Design, Research, Development and Sales Services”, Wipelot Teknoloji Sanayi A.Ş. has adopted the following headings as its environmental policy.

  • To comply with all the national and international legal regulations and conditions related with the environment,
  • Conscious of the fact that the resources on earth are not infinite, to internalize this fact not as an obligation but as a responsibility for leaving a carefully preserved environment for the future generations, and to take necessary actions,
  • To provide for the prevention of environmental pollution,
  • To act with a traceable, measurable and achievable environmental management system perspective in order to constantly improve the environmental management performance and to enhance the efficiency in all processes,
  • To provide savings in the consumption of resources such as electricity, water and paper used at all our units, and to establish the technological and systemic infrastructure for this purpose,
  • To recycle the wastes produced during its activities and to take precautions for decreasing consumption, and to avoid actions leading to a high carbon emission,
  • To provide for the implementation and maintainability of waste management in compliance with life cycle perspective,
  • To raise environmental awareness and to provide for the internalization of environmental policy, and to create an environment-friendly corporate culture in cooperation with all its employees and clients, by allocating resources and by way of continuous training activities on sustainable environmental management.