WIPELOT is an industrial RTLS & IoT company specialized in real-time location systems (RTLS) to improve work efficiency and occupational safety in various industries including manufacturing, mining, construction and aviation by tracking employees, assets and environmental conditions.


Personnel, equipment and asset tracking

Personnel, equipment and asset tracking

  • Use RTLS to gather measurable site data from your personnel and assets to optimize processes 
  • Track real time location of your assets, access activity history and footprints, and gain insights through active RFID based UWB technology 
Collision Warning

Collision Warning

  • More than 1000 forklift accidents occur annually in an industrial workplace, 10% of them resulting in fatalities
  • Safezone Collision Warning System minimizes the risk of accidents between forklifts and pedestrians
  • Install Safezone and warning systems in forklifts and blind spots within your workplace
Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Use RTLS Occupational Health and Safety solutions to monitor the exact location & condition of all your employees
  • Take immediate action in the case of an accident or health issue to minimize risk and long term damage
Wipelot Social Distance Tracking

Social Distance Tracking

  • Maintaining social distance can prevent the spread of Covid-19; keep your operations running no matter the circumstance!
  • Wipelot’s Social Distance Tracking solution helps avoid social distancing violations, creates reports and informs those at risk of infection
Wipelot Monitoring environmental conditions

Monitoring environmental conditions

  • Environment Monitoring System (EMS) is necessary in an industrial workplace for occupational health and safety
  • Ensure stability and efficiency through monitoring environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and hazardous gases
  • Get notified by push notifications when environmental values impose risk and exceed limits
Wipelot Signalization


  • Dozens of vehicles and equipment work simultaneously in industrial workplaces such as mines and construction sites
  • The signalization system helps manage operations in tunnels and narrow underground sites, increasing efficiency

Product RANGE

Location Tracking Solutions


Location Tracking Solutions

  • Real-time geolocation tracking of personnel, equipment and assets
  • Suitable for indoor or underground spaces, as well as construction and mining sites
  • Wireless Measurement Solutions
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Occupational Health and Safety Solutions

  • Monitor employee well-being in hazardous environments such as mines or industrial plants
  • Reduce emergency response time through location-based alerts
  • Provides safety for lone workers. Detects the incidents such as inactivity, falls and similar
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Occupational Safety Solutions

Proximity Warning Solutions


Proximity Warning Solutions

  • Is a blind spot, proximity and collision warning system
  • Prevents the collisions between the forklifts, motorized work equipment and foot traffic
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WIPELOT Environment Monitoring System

  • Instant measurement of critical environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, gas, and light
  • Optimization of energy consumption for sustainable production
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