Make a difference with location

With Wipelot, instantly track people, vehicles and equipment in your business and start ensuring work safety and efficiency.

WIPELOT is a company that focuses on improving efficiency and safety in various industries, including manufacturing, mining, construction, warehouse & logistics, and aviation. As an industrial Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) and IoT company, WIPELOT serves world-leading companies with UWB-based real-time location systems that track employees, assets, and environmental conditions effectively and with high precision.

WIPELOT offers advanced technological solutions to optimize operations, increase productivity, streamline processes, and ensure a safe work environment. Their hardware and software are tailored to meet diverse business needs and help companies achieve their goals.


Wipelot specializes in real-time tracking of assets and personnel within facilities, enhancing operations, improving inventory management, and increasing workplace safety.

With over 15 years of experience, Wipelot is a leader in IIoT. IIoT smartens industrial processes, and Wipelot, with advanced hardware and software solutions, boosts production efficiency, optimizes maintenance processes, and delivers safety-enhancing solutions.

Wipelot is an R&D company that contributes to the advancement of active RFID technologies. Wipelot has earned the trust of global brands by providing customized inventory management and asset tracking solutions.

Wipelot integrates evolving artificial intelligence technologies into its expertise, aiming to enhance productivity and workplace safety. Wipelot's AI-based software offers data analysis and personalized recommendations, enabling businesses to operate smarter.



ABB Group
Bosch Global
BSH Group
Ford Motor Company
Pfizer Inc
L'Oréal Group
Mercedes Benz
Mondi Group
The Procter & Gamble Company
Unilever Company
Turkish Technic

Wipelot, understands your needs and develops solutions around the world.

UWB 300.000+ Devices         1.000 km2 Mesh Indoor Network Area         100Mil+ Meter Traced Route

Wipelot uwb benefits

Wipelot's RTLS technology with advanced UWB infrastructure provides companies with customized solutions to increase operational efficiency, ensure workplace safety and optimize asset management.

Wipelot's precise location detection and real-time asset tracking capabilities enable you to optimize your logistics processes, improve inventory management, and better manage your material flow, lowering business costs while increasing efficiency and safety.

Make a Difference with Location:
Enhancing Efficiency and Safety

  • Simplify plant operations
  • Streamline personnel and equipment management
  • Create safer working environments
  • Contribute to process digitalization
  • Real-time track and trace capabilities
  • Fast response in emergencies
  • Seamless integration for digital workflows
  • Optimize processes and increase efficiency


Wipelot Forklift Safety Prevent Collision


Wipelot Efficiency and Iot Reduce Your Costs

Boost productivity and enhance safety with Lotus RTLS software

Wipelot's RTLS software, Lotus, empowers you to achieve high-visibility asset tracking in real time. It harnesses live data to enhance performance and ensure workplace safety within your facility.

Lotus offers real-time monitoring for personnel and equipment locations, footprints, heat maps, regional counts, and other features serving industries.


Wipelot Lotus RTLS Software

Real-Time Asset Tracking and Performance Analysis

Wipelot  Real-Time Asset Tracking and Performance Analysis

Wipelot's AI-supported flow analytics module is a powerful application that allows you to analyse your operational data.

Flow Analytics details the flow data that emerges in the operational processes of industries such as logistics and warehousing, thanks to artificial intelligence support, and increase work safety as well as efficiency.



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