RTLS Solutions in Mining

Proven RTLS Technology For Mining Industry

This award-winning IoT-RFID solution, which forms the monitoring and decision support management for underground and surface mining operations, is specifically designed for the mining industry. Its objectives include increasing efficiency and productivity, ensuring safer and more effective mining operations, adhering to OHS regulations to avoid potential workplace accidents, developing new management systems based on big data and reporting systems, and ultimately improving competitiveness."

Boost your mining operations with RTLS

Wipelot’s tailored RTLS solutions offer a comprehensive solution to make mining operations smarter and more efficient. The system combines data analysis, automation, and IoT technologies to optimize the mining processes.

Mining RTLS Modules

Personnel Safety

This module ensures precise tracking and safety of personnel in both underground and surface mining operations. It instantly detects situations such as falls or immobility and conducts an automatic headcount of personnel in emergency muster areas. It operates independently and offers adjustable location precision according to needs. Furthermore, it complies with mining occupational health and safety regulations. Additionally, the module enhances personnel safety by integrating with a social distancing tracking system.

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Equipment Tracking

It provides real-time tracking of both motorized and non-motorized vehicles and equipment in underground and surface mines. Additionally, it tracks the working hours of machinery, offers historical route information, and reports on speed violations and driver habits. To ensure a safe working environment, it controls vehicle speed and detects vehicle direction. It monitors engine status, calculates the distance covered, and assists in maintenance and fuel management. Furthermore, it supports more efficient and secure operations by automatically mapping vehicle-operator pairings and authorizations.

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Traffic Management & Collision Warning

Traffic optimization contributes to reduced fuel costs and increased ore extraction. With its expandable structure, it creates signalization network that span kilometers, allowing for centralized monitoring and management. In case of special vehicles like ambulances entering the area or exceeding the vehicle capacity within the mine, it provides automatic signaling guidance. Additionally, it supports scenarios such as entry and exit from levels and main gallery waiting, and offers an adjustable safety zone to prevent collisions around vehicles and equipment. Its closed-circuit operation ensures immunity from general system failures."

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Task Management - ASSOS

ASSOS simplifies task assignment and management for both personnel and vehicles. It provides remote access to the field from a single point, allowing tasks to be accepted or rejected instantly. Information specific to the type of vehicle can be input, and real-time information about which operator is using the vehicle is available. Moreover, it is resilient to challenging working conditions and enhances operational traceability, enabling you to measure efficiency.

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Environmental Parameters & Meter Readings

This module measures, records, and evaluates environmental parameter values in mines in real-time, creating alarms when parametric values are exceeded. It operates on a closed circuit via the Wipelot sensor network, independent of GSM networks or other networks. It can be integrated with existing sensors used in mines, helping to optimize energy efficiency. It measures ambient conditions such as temperature, humidity, light, CO2, and similar factors. It is compatible with extensometers, and alarms can be sent to authorities via email and SMS.

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Analytics and Optimization

This module is an artificial intelligence solution that optimizes task and work durations by analyzing the system's historical task and location data. It ensures the allocation of the right number of personnel and equipment for a specific task and evaluates equipment and personnel performance. It identifies the most efficient personnel and assigns tasks to appropriate individuals based on their competencies and past work history. It reduces travel times, movement durations, and quantities for equipment through route optimization. Additionally, it enables automatic data entry.

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Weighing Automation

It allows for the measurement and tracking of transportation operations between underground and surface facilities without the use of an operator. It reduces operational costs, integrates with real-time location tracking systems, provides data to production and entitlement management systems, allows for instant operation management, saves labor and time with process automation, and performs automatic vehicle-operator mapping and authorization.

Cost reduction due to traffic improvement


Increase in operational efficiency


Decrease in workplace accidents


Sustainable Efficiency with Data Analysis and Detailed Reporting

Wipelot's real-time location tracking software, Lotus, and the flow analysis and optimization module, Flow Analytics, elevate asset visibility and provide detailed insights into operational processes in facilities. This enables performance measurement for efficiency and helps mitigate potential risks in occupational safety.

  • 2D and 3D Real-Time Personnel & Equipment Tracking
  • Local or Cloud-Based Server Support
  • Digital Timekeeping Board
  • Zone Count & Emergency Muster Area Reports
  • Personnel Emergency & Social Distancing Violation Reports
  • Vehicle Footprint & Heat Map Reports
  • Driver Habits & Speeding Reports
  • Driving Distance Reports
  • Signaling Violation Reports
  • Task & Production Planning Screen
  • Extensometer & Fire Alarm Reports
  • Data Analysis & Optimization Support
  • And more...


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