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Digitilization and industrial IoT applications are encouraged by governments all around the world due to cost benefits and productivity increase. RTLS is one of the fastest growing area within the scope of Industrial 4.0 and there are still not enough players in the field to meet the increasing demand. Operating since 2005, Wipelot is one of the few suppliers in the field who can develop software ,manufacture hardware and provide field service at the same time. Wipelot is looking for reliable partners worldwide in order to serve its customers for their increasing demands


By joining the Wipelot Partnership Programme, you will have a chance to become a player in fast growing Industrial IoT & RTLS World. You will not only have a full access to high quality product & service portfolio but also have a chance to gain extensive knowledge and technical support to become a sales professional in RTLS field. Joining Wipelot’s partnership programme is a great way to generate revenue for your company and to grow your business. Whether you are a start –up , a scale-up or a mature company, Wipelot welcomes all enterprises with strong sense of business ethics, passion for technology ,enthusiasm for learning and ambition for growth

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Fast Growing field: Industrial IoT and RTLS is a naturally growing market. There is an increasing demand in the field for technology resellers with strong technical background

Technical training & support: With its experienced R&D team and more than 70 employees with technical background, Wipelot is fully dedicated to train new partners and provide all the necessary technical support

Fast Growing field
Marketing Support Technical training & support

Marketing Support: As Wipelot , we know what marketing means for a business interms of financial investment. We provide all the written and visual marketing material in order to support our partners and help increasing their visiblity in order to grow their business

Market Access and Continuous Learning : Researching and learning is part of Wipelot’s business. We have a generous company culture and we are eager to share our business knowledge and industry experience with our valuable partners

International Networking: Wipelot values partners with global perspective. We embrace all our business partners worldwide by organising joyful & informative annual gatherings in order to create networking opportunities

Business ethics & Transparency: Is one of the most critical part and core of Wipelot’s Partnership Programme. We value transparency while protecting partner rights and data privacy.


To join Wipelot Partnership Programme, first step is to fill the partnership application form Click here to access the partner application form .Once you filled the application form, our team will contact you directly