Non-Motorized Equipment Tracking

Wipelot Non-Motorized Equipment Tracking System

The Non-Motorized Equipment Tracking System is a monitoring, analysis, and evaluation system that detects the location of equipment such as wheeled transportation vehicles, which are open for common use and constantly on the move, located in large-scale areas such as construction sites, mines, airports, warehouses, as well as other special areas.

How Does It Work?

The system consists of battery-powered mobile tags that can be installed easily on equipment, zone readers with UWB (ultra-wide band) technology, and central software. Data gathered from equipment being tracked inside a specific area are relayed to the central or cloud-based servers over Wipelot’s wireless communication networks and, with the software developed by Wipelot, make it possible to determine locations in real-time.

Non-Motorized Equipment Tracking System;

  • It monitors the movement, waiting, and usage times of equipment, and provides quick access when requested with instant location information
  • Prevents unwanted events such as loss or theft
  • Zone-based warning scenarios can be developed for equipment
  • Provides optimum monitoring of stocktaking, entry-exit movements, calibration, and maintenance periods
  • Can add details such as environment, location, and lifetime to equipment and customize it in line with customer needs
  • Saves time by reducing paperwork and manual operations

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Personnel Tracking System

Wipelot Personnel Tracking System is an industrial integrated occupational safety system that lets you monitor the real-time location and movements of your employees and determine their precise location using UWB (ultra-wide band). This system makes a significant contribution to occupational safety by instantly monitoring your personnel within designated areas with sub-meter accuracy, shortening the time for immediate response in case of emergency.


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Motorized Equipment Tracking System

The Motorized Equipment Tracking System is an integrated equipment tracking and management system that can create multiple reports based on real-time data such as vehicle use and parking durations, fuel levels, speed violations, routes, facility entrance/exit information, and driver performance analyses by instantly tracking the motor vehicles in such places as airports, mines, construction sites, and warehouses.


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Signalization System

Signalization (traffic management system) is an award-winning (2019 RIFD Journal) occupational safety and efficiency system developed to prevent data loss and occupational safety risks arising from dense traffic created by motor vehicles in industrial settings such as mines, production facilities, and warehouses.