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What is wireless AVIATION SOLUTIONS?

Aviation company's and airport management encompasses broad range of mobile subjects require control. Wipelot RTLS system reinforcing employee productivity and attenuating employment power requirements pulls down asset location track and managerial expenses

  • Sustainable Development
  • Integrated Staff Tracking & Driver Authorization
  • Maintenance Predictivty
  • Management Goods & Luggage
  • Improving Operation Transparency

Aviation MODULES

Staff Safety and Tracking

Indoor outdoor asset tracking with high accuracy and supports Wipelot occupational safety features

Vehicle Tracking

7x24 vehicle tracking without GSM/closed and integrated driver authorization

Equipment Tracking

real-time tracking of passenger stairways, all kind of heavy duty wheeled dollies and non motorized equipments

Environment Monitoring

real-time measurment of noise, electricity, gas, tempereture, humidity

Aircraft Surface Tracking

Aircraft ground tracking module is using for tracking all aircrafts taxing, waiting, take off or landing maneuvers


  • One platform for all tracking visibility requirements
  • Real-time environment monitoring
  • Multiple network infrastructure support
  • Sub-meter accuracy location
  • IoT Platform Integration MQTT Azure OPC
  • Multiple applications on a single platform
  • Mesh network structure, reducing installation costs
System Key Features