UWB Asset tracking over Wi-Fi

CISCO and WIPELOT offer a game-changing solution that redefines traceability and precision by combining the world of Wi-Fi communications with cutting-edge ultra-wideband-based real-time location tracking technology. DISCOVER WIPELOT EAGLEEYE
Wi-Fi 6 and RTLS meet in a single infrastructure
wipelot eagleeye sense indoor


wipelot eagleeye motion outdoor



EAGLEEYE, a Wi-Fi RTLS system with a UWB module designed specifically for indoor and outdoor use, combines CISCO's secure Wi-Fi connection and WIPELOT's integrated UWB real-time location tracking technology in a single infrastructure.

EAGLEEYE is the first UWB module integration for the CISCO AP IW6300 and 91xx series. It provides powerful Wi-Fi 6 connectivity as well as high-precision geolocation data at the same time, meeting facilities' digital transformation needs in operational efficiency and occupational safety through a single infrastructure.



EagleEye Sense is a unique combination of Cisco Wi-Fi access points and Wipelot’s UWB-based real-time location tracking module for indoor areas and office environments.

Wipelot EagleEye Sense

Fields of Use - SENSE

wipelot construction
wipelot warehouse
wipelot automotive
wipelot manufacturing
wipelot logistics
wipelot aviation
wipelot healthcare


EagleEye Motion is a unique combination of Cisco Wi-Fi access points and Wipelot’s UWB-based real-time location tracking module for harsh industrial environments.

Wipelot EagleEye Motion

Fields of Use - MOTION

wipelot mining
wipelot oil and gas
wipelot construction
wipelot warehouse
wipelot automotive
wipelot manufacturing
wipelot logistics
wipelot aviation

EAGLEEYE provides solutions for different needs within a single infrastructure:

  • Personnel Location and Safety: It assists you in determining the whereabouts and ensuring the safety of your personnel.
  • Performance Measurement: It enables you to evaluate personnel performance effectively.
  • Accident Prevention: It allows you to minimize workplace accidents.
  • Workforce Retention: It aids you in finding solutions to minimize workforce loss.
  • Machine Tracking: It enables you to track the locations and efficiencies of heavy machinery.
  • Inventory Management: Tracking the locations of semi-finished goods, accelerates your intralogistics operations.
  • Preventing Equipment Loss: It minimizes equipment loss, helping to preserve workforce and costs.
  • Continuous Connectivity: It provides secure and uninterrupted connectivity.

Wipelot Lotus RTLS

Wipelot's real-time location tracking software, Lotus, and the flow analysis and optimization module, Flow Analytics, elevate asset visibility and provide detailed insights into operational processes in facilities. This enables performance measurement for efficiency and helps mitigate potential risks in occupational safety.

  • Personnel performance reports
  • Visit reports
  • District counting reports
  • Region and time-based entry and exit reports
  • Restricted zone violation reports
  • Heat map reports
  • Footprint reports
  • Emergency reports
  • 2D and 3D map options
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Advanced analytics
  • Flow Analysis
  • And many more

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Indoor Visitor Location Tracking With RTLS

By implementing Wipelot's EagleEye RTLS solution, we gained access to valuable statistical data that empowered us to make informed decisions and develop effective plans to enhance museum visitor experiences.


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