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Wipelot offers different modules that can increase efficiency and work safety in warehouse management and supply chain. These modules, which can be easily integrated to factory automation systems, provide transparency and easier operation.

  • Sustainable Development
  • Real-Time Product Tracking
  • Higer Employee Safety and Productivity
  • Maintenance Predictivty
  • Improving Operation Transparency

Warehouse MODULES

Forklift-Milkrun Stock Vehicle Tracking

Status of vehicles using determined correct route and similar performance measurements can be performed. Data is provided for optimization studies Heatmap is created. Distance traveled by vehicles during the day, which roads they use and how much information is obtained

Personnel and Equipment Tracking

Location, condition and performance of personnel and equipment within the facility can be monitored Daily actual working times can be determined with automatic scoring system

Stock-Container-Pallet Tracking

Real-time tracking of container-pallet in and out movements, Time saving in the processes of loading, unloading, transporting semi-finished products to production, Shortening tour cycle times by measuring and optimizing vehicle usage

Collision Warning and Occupational Safety Solutions

When forklifts, milkruns or similar vehicles approach each other more than a certain distance, certain areas and / or employees carrying personnel tags in the field, system warns employee or driver, and slowdown application is activated on vehicle

Environment Parameters and Meter Values Measurement

Carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), oxygen (O2), ethylene (C2H4) and similar gases, light and dust values can be monitored by the system with optional sensors. Warning mechanisms inform authorities if instantaneous or average critical values defined for environment values are reached

Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Assign the right number of personnel and equipment to a given task. Preventing collisions and optimizing travel times with automated routing of equipment and personnel

Truck Dock Matching

Dock full empty detection, truck Identification, truck Guidance


  • Monitoring facilities in different locations around the world from a single platform.
  • Acceleration and Improvement of Processes.
  • Contact Map.
  • Man-Hour Gain.
  • Equipment-Hour Gain.
  • More Precise Resource Planning.
  • Reduction in Human Error Factor.
  • Increase in Occupational Safety.
  • Decrease in penalty risks in inspections.
  • Central Management & Reporting Capability.
  • Instant Access to Real-Time Field Information.
System Key Features