RTLS Solutions in Warehouse & Intralogistics Operations

RTLS Solutions in Warehouses

Wipelot's RTLS warehouse solutions provide a highly effective approach to enhance efficiency, productivity, and workplace safety in warehouse, supply chain, and port operations. The integration of RTLS into warehouse processes enables businesses to optimize inventory management, reduce errors, streamline order fulfillment, enhance employee safety, and ultimately improve overall operational efficiency.

  • Higher Employee Safety and Productivity
  • Improving Operation Transparency
  • Sustainable Development
  • Real-Time Product Tracking

Optimize asset performance, detect and prevent losses

Wipelot's real-time location systems-based analysis modules analyze the real-time asset data obtained from the field in-depth to optimize operational performances and provide data to identify and improve anomalies and losses.

Moreover, the advanced real-time location tracking technology allows you to learn about the performance and productivity of your employees. Provides statistics to predict future workload and optimize daily/weekly workload scheduling.

Monitor real-time performance in ports and warehouses

Detect abnormal flows

Increase efficiency by managing traffic optimization in your facility

Reduce idle time of assets

Manage workforce and resource usage

Reduce repetitious operations

Data Analysis & AI Solutions

Wipelot's artificial intelligence-supported analysis modules developed for intralogistics enables end-to-end inventory tracking by maximizing operational visibility by analyzing real-time data (RTLS-WMS-ERP) obtained from various sources in the port or warehouse.

It saves time and money by optimizing material flow management and resource utilization with high-precision location information.

  • End-to-end asset tracking
  • Automated tasking
  • Data-based automation analyzing
  • WMS’s integration with real-time field data
  • Autonomous decisions (machine learning & AI)

“With a high-precision location data and analysis module, you can optimize material flow management and resource utilization, saving time and money.”

2D & 3D Asset Tracking on Layout

Spaghetti Diagrams

Personnel and Equipment Performance Reports

Heatmap Reports

Footprint Reports

Emergency Reports

And many more...



Efficiently monitor routes and performance metrics, providing valuable data for optimization studies and generating daily heatmaps.

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Personnel and Equipment Tracking

Monitor the location, condition, and performance of staff and equipment within the facility. Utilize an automatic scoring system to determine daily actual working times.

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Stock-Container-Pallet Tracking

Real-time monitoring of container-pallet movements in and out, saving time in loading, unloading, and transporting semi-finished products to production. Optimize vehicle utilizing and shorten tour cycle times with precise measurement.

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When forklifts, milkruns or similar vehicles approach each other more than a certain distance, certain areas and / or employees carrying personnel tags in the field, system warns employee or driver, and slowdown application is activated on vehicle

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How do warehouses gain advantages from RTLS?

Data analytics

Workload prediction, dock analysis, dashboard, automated stock counting, real-time historical data.

Predictive maintenance

Increase overall motorized equipment efficiency & reduces or prevent failures.

Real-time asset, personnel and product tracking

Increase productivity & safety with high precision advanced indoor tracking system.

Higher employee productivity

Aiming to increase employee efficiency using real-time historical and instant field data.

Occupational safety

Determining the location of the emergency case with high accuracy.

Forklift tracking and collision warning system

Optimize warehouse traffic, idle times and avoid collisions with Safezone with real-time forklift tracking.

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