Sensor Logging

Wipelot - Wireless Environment Monitoring System

The IoT-based wireless environment monitoring system developed by Wipelot is an occupational safety system that uses fixed and mobile sensors to measure parameters such as temperature, humidity, light, pressure, noise, and wind strength in the zone to be monitored. It is an important system preferred in industries such as mining, production facilities, petrochemical refineries, and laboratories, where environmental conditions must be monitored without interruption.

How Does It Work?

The system consists of fixed or portable mobile sensors, wireless zone readers, and display software with alarm sirens. When the monitored parameters stray outside the determined values, an alarm is generated in the display center along with the location information.

Environment Monitoring System;

  • In addition to the sensor information, the data from devices with analog or digital interfaces can be read in the system
  • Data can be monitored instantly from the web interface with authorized login
  • By recording these data, reports and graphs of historical sensor data can be created
  • Notification can be made via SMS and/or e-mail
  • Can be integrated with other existing sensor systems in the environment where it is installed
  • Can work over the Wipelot sensor network without the need for a GSM or other network
  • The power works without interruption thanks to battery back-up
  • Can be integrated with other systems in the environment

Wipelot, understands your needs and develops solutions around the world.

UWB 300.000+ Devices         1.000 km2 Mesh Indoor Network Area         100Mil+ Meter Traced Route

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Sensor Logging

Auto Meter Reading

The automatic meter reading and energy consumption analysis system developed by Wipelot is a system that will optimize energy use and prevent unnecessary use by measuring energy efficiency in production facilities in zones where energy consumption is high and thus reduce the losses caused by this. The system helps increase productivity by letting you continuously monitor data-based parameters such as weigh bridge readings in addition to consumption data such as electricity, water, and natural gas.