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Although the types, scales, and employee and equipment numbers of the plants that carry out manufacturing processes in industrial fields differ according to the sectors, their top priorities are always preventing the accidents and enhancing efficiency.

With the products and system it developed, Wipelot tracks and reports the personnel, equipment, work areas and machines instantaneously and offers advantages that enhance the occupational safety and the efficiency of the plant. It saves time by digitalizing, expediting and facilitating complex manufacturing processes.

  • Access to Real Time Personnel and Equipment Performance Information
  • Integrated Personnel Tracking and Safety Modules
  • Real Time Product Tracking
  • High Occupational Safety and Efficiency
  • Maintenance Time Predictions
  • Enhanced Operation Transparency

Manufacturing MODULES

Personnel Tracking System

Determines the location of the personnel with sub-meter precision, tracks the movements of the personnel and provides performance data. Creates forbidden zone scenarios and breach notifications

Lone Worker System

Transmits the fall, immobility and emergency calls of the personnel working alone and under dangerous conditions to the system together with location information, and provides advantages in preventing loss of life

Motorized Equipment Tracking System

Offers 7/24 vehicle tracking and integrated driver authorization in open fields without need for GSM

Non-motorized Equipment Tracking System

Tracks the movement, waiting and use durations of the equipment, provides quick access when required by means of instantaneous location information

Collision Warning System

When the motorized equipment operating in the field approach more than a specified distance to each other, to specified areas and/or to the employees with personnel tags, the system warns the employee and the driver, and the slow-down system on the vehicle is activated when necessary

Wireless Environment Monitoring System

The carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), oxygen (O2), ethylene (C2H4) and similar gasses, light and dust values may be monitored with the optional sensor system. When the values in the environment reach the defined critical levels, the warning mechanisms alert the authorized persons.


  • Monitoring facilities in different locations around the world from a single platform.
  • Acceleration and Improvement of Processes.
  • Contact Map.
  • Man-Hour Gain.
  • Equipment-Hour Gain.
  • More Precise Resource Planning.
  • Reduction in Human Error Factor.
  • Increase in Occupational Safety.
  • Decrease in penalty risks in inspections.
  • Central Management & Reporting Capability.
  • Instant Access to Real-Time Field Information.
System Key Features