Indoor Traffic Management with RTLS

About Prometeon

Prometeon Tyre Group is a company that specializes in manufacturing industrial tires for trucks, buses, agriculture, and construction machinery. The company has expanded its technological expertise and now produces commercial tires under various brands such as Anteo, Eracle, Tegrys, as well as under the Formula and Pirelli licenses. With over 7,000 employees across five continents, Prometeon Tyre Group adopts a multi-brand, multi-product approach to cater to the diverse needs of its customers.


The objective of the project is to tackle the challenges and time loss encountered by carrier vehicles in the production facility, particularly in long and narrow areas. Tractors towing trailers loaded with tires cannot move side by side in cramped spaces and face visibility limitations while reversing. This situation leads to slower operational processes and increased safety hazards. To address these issues, Wipelot's RTLS-based traffic management and Signalization System has been introduced, which improves operational efficiency and reduces safety concerns.


To alleviate traffic congestion and decreasing efficiency caused by narrow pathways in intralogistics processes, a Closed-Loop Signalization System was installed in the factory. This system involved tagging vehicles and installing traffic lights at the entrances to narrow sections. These tags and lights facilitated tractors' transition through these areas, with the system prioritizing the first vehicle to enter the area. To alert other vehicles to the presence of the priority vehicle, the system flashed red lights. This system significantly increased productivity and safety, ensuring that tractors operated smoothly.

Why Choose Wipelot RTLS Technology?

Since its establishment, Wipelot has been focused on developing efficiency and safety solutions for the workplace. For more than 16 years, we have been helping companies protect their employees with the solutions we have offered, and we are continuing to improve our technology with the experience we gain in the field.

Wipelot is a member of Omlox, UWB Alliance, and FiRa Consortium, which brings together technology companies that produce 100% of their own hardware and software systems and develop solutions with ultra-wideband technology (UWB), and has been listed among the fastest growing technology companies of TOBB 100 and Deloitte Technology Fast 50, and has received many awards in the field of industrial IoT in Turkey and abroad thanks to its projects.

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